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ABB Lightning Protection

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ESE Lightning Protection System

Type : Early Streamer Emission System, Digital Lightning Protection System or Single Rod System.
Standard :  NFC 17-102
Size: Various Size is available. Common Sizes are.
Advanced Triggering Time : 30-60 micro-second.
Protection Radius : 107-meter Level IV protection with 5 meter elevation mas.
LPS Protection Level : Level I, Level II, Level III & Level IV
Materials: Copper, Copper Aloy, Stainless Steel.

General Information

Extended Product Type: OPR 60 ABB
Product ID: 2CTB899800R7100
EAN: 3660308513502
Catalog Description: OPR 60 ABB
Long Description: B751350

  • Greater Protection Coverage than the conventional system.
  • Possible to protect several buildings with the same lightning conductor
  • Economic
  • Possible to protect a structure and its surrounding environment at the same time
  • Protection of open zones
  • Can be integrated seamlessly and discreetly into the building structure
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